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advising parentsThis NEW E book is presented as an E book for you to download and read through and learn from my experience in professionally caring for the elderly.  The purpose of the book is to teach elderly and their children about elder care and possible placement in a care facility, only if that level of care is needed.  As parents and their children have never been elderly before and know little of the types of care that are available, the so called “learning curve” to become aware of what types of care are available to parents as they age and identifying what care is needed from aging in place through hospice care. The book is designed to assist you in guiding your parents in decision making as they age as to level of care they might require. The book covers eight different areas of possible choices that can be made if parents as they age need more care.  The areas covered are Aging in Place, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Nursing Home Care, Sub-Acute Care, Memory Care, Hospice and Palliative Care.  Each section is devoted to asking questions for you and parents to answer and many potential questions to ask the professional caregivers. The book also will inform the reader what they need to look for in selecting the best level of care that will meet the highest needs and highest quality of care for parents who require more care as they age.

As the author of this book, I have been in the field of geriatrics since 1972, hold a master’s degree in geriatric psychology and geriatric recreation therapy and I am also a former nursing home administrator.  I am also the inventor of the Merry Walker Corporation assistive devices, which I started in 1990 to give higher quality of life to elderly through walking.  

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NEW - Just Released: "Advising Parents in Future Care Decisions" is available as an E-Book (for downloading) consisting of 168 pages. The cost is only $79.95.

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Sample Section Below: Covers Aging in Place

This EBook is created as a "hands-on" guide, with numerous, helpful checklists and important step-by-step considerations that need to be addressed. As one section, for example, covered in “Advising Parents….” is the first section covering Aging in Place…. And some general questions that need to be discussed are presented below as an example of what is presented in this book covering all areas of potential care.



  1. Aging is place is the most ideal place for Mom or Dad to age as this is their present residence and

their home.  

  1. Do Mom or Dad have any serious diagnoses that would prevent them from aging in place?
    □Yes    □No

  2. Discuss with them what diagnoses would prevent them from aging the place.

  3. Ask Mom or Dad if they want to age in place.  Discuss this with them, seriously.

  4. Have Mom and Dad with you make a list of gains and losses if they chose to age in place.

You can give them separate pieces of paper to fill in individually and then discuss their answers with them.

Gains: __________, ________, _______, ________, _________, ________, ________,

Loses:  _______, _______, _______, _______, ________, _________, ________.

  1. Have them study this list and discuss this with you and other family members?  

  1. Ask yourself, if this would be the best place for them at this stage of their life?

  1. The first place to stop and think in this decision process is to assess Mom or Dad’s present house or

living quarters.

  1. House?   □Yes    □No

  2. Apartment or condo?  □Yes    □No

  3. Does the house or condo have stairs?  □Yes    □No

  4. Are Mom and Dad able to climb the stairs easily?  □Yes    □No

  5. Do they need a stair elevator?  □Yes    □No

  6. Do they have a stair elevator presently and does that work for them?    □Yes    □No

  7. Or do they already live in a one- story house or condo?  □Yes    □No

  8. How long have they lived at their present location?  ____________ years

  9. If they have already downsized, did they clean out a lot of unnecessary items?    □Yes    □No

  10. If not, has that been considered?  □Yes    □No

  11. As you walk into Mom or Dad’s house, is it clean as it normally has been clean?  □Yes    □No

  12. Do you notice any change in the way the house is being kept up?   □Yes    □No     

  13. If so what do you notice? _______________________________________

  14. Is what you notice normal?  □Yes    □No

  15. As you walk through the house do you notice anything that needs repairing? □Yes    □No

  16. Does the home need any repairs?  □Yes    □No

  17. Make a list if what needs immediate attention. _______________________, _______________________, ________________________, _______________________________.

  18. Are the repairs major or minor?  □ Major     □ Minor

  19. Can the repairs be done easily and cost effectively?  □Yes    □No

  20. Do Mom and Dad want the repairs done?  □Yes    □No

  21. Are Mom and Dad able to afford to stay in their present home with possibly adding more expenses for their personal care at home?  □Yes    □No

  22. Do Mom or Dad have pets?  □Yes    □No

  23. □Dog

  24. □Cat

  25. □Bird

  26. □Fish

  27. Are the pets being well treated?  □Yes    □No

  28. Does the dog and cat have regular veterinarian check-ups?  □Yes    □No

  29. Are Mom or Dad able to walk the dog?  □Yes    □No

  30. Does some else walk the dog?  □Yes    □No

  31. Or has the dog been trained to go outside in the backyard on by itself?  □Yes    □No

  32. If they have a cat, are Mom or Dad able to clean the cat’s litter box? □Yes    □No

Does someone else clean the litter box?  □Yes    □No



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